Author: Elen Stone

Breville BCG820BSSXL The Smart Coffee Bean Grinder Pro

 Coffee oils are water-soluble and this is good because otherwise, it’d be hard to extract the oils from the bean. However, this is a problem when it comes to pre-ground coffee. You see, when ground coffee has been exposed to moisture in the environment, those oils will immediately start to be diluted. Also, once the shell of the whole coffee bean has been cracked open, oxygen will reach it and it will lose up to 60% of its aroma and flavour. You don’t have to worry about this, because where there’s a problem, you can usually find a solution....

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KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Automatic Coffee Maker with Built-in Conical Burr Grinder If you search for an automatic coffee machine that starts with a good coffee bean and ends to a cup of aromatic coffee, look no further than Krups coffee espresso machines. In particular, in this article, I am going to be introducing you to the Krups EA8250 Espresseria Super Automatic Espresso Machine. The USP (unique selling propositions) of this particular model in Krups’s pretty expansive bean-to-cup range is that it offers one-button cappuccinos with the help of a special milk accessory. If you are a cappuccino lover and other milky coffee...

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My Amazing Coffee Discoveries During My Trip To Vietnam

Thinking about Coffee you will probably start dreaming of the exotic Brazil, Colombia, or even Ethiopia. Right and wrong!!! Brazil is really the hugest coffee producer in the world. Travelling 5 weeks in Vietnam I discovered that Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee beans exporter today in the planet. Unbelievable!!! In the 1990s, Coffee production in Vietnam grew by 15%-32% every year. In the coffee industry now work about 3 million people, with coffee beans grown on half a million smallholdings of two to three acres each of them. Coffee production has been a main source of income...

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Coffee Without “Coffee Crema”? (part 2)

The perfect crema as a guide to the perfect espresso – and it’s true!!! This change of perspective makes one thing clear: a barista beware not so on the crema because they want the perfect coffee foam. He tries to create the perfect crema because they want the perfect espresso. Only if all components of the espresso preparation play together optimally then and only then can an optimal coffee extraction take place, which is the reason for the optimal crema. But what does this optimum crema look like? Check Amazon Price The basic rules of the coffee crema: 1....

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Coffee Without “Coffee Crema”? (Part 1)

How Important is the Espresso Foam Really for Me and for all Espresso Lovers in The Whole World? “The crema is the most important part of a good coffee.” or “The coffee crema has to pass the biscuit test.” I beg your pardon? “The crema at the first gives coffee’s taste.” For real? Sometimes you could get the impression that everything in the coffee world is all about the coffee-crema. You see this word permanently not only in coffee advisers for the coffee preparation, but you hear it in very serious Coffee-shops and the term has now taken something...

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Our Mission And Hobby

We are alwayssearching for high-quality coffee beans and a cup with excellent coffee. Our hobby and “mission” is: Testingblack coffee, cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato and other special creations. We are using whole coffee beans and create new recipes for coffee gourmets. Sometimes,we test Nespressocoffee capsules or capsules from other brands. Wetaste their different variations and inform you about the best of them.

We always looking forward to findnew coffee lovers& fans which want to learn more about the amazing world of coffee.!


Here I present you Melitta Caffeo CI 970-101, a fully automatic coffee machine which is small and solid. The CI in the name means: “Coffee Intelligence”.


In this review today you can see the results of the Siemens automatic coffee machine EQ.6 700 tests.

Saeco Incanto

Today I tested the Saeco Incanto automatic coffee machine and here are my experiences with this device.


With the “One Touch” function, just a press of a button, it prepares one or two drinks very fast and easy.


It’s time again to present you a new test, I finished recently, with the fully automatic coffee machine Bosch veroAroma 700.