Author: Elen Stone

The Super Tasty French Connection Coffee Drink and Cocktails

Café amore Oh la la! The French Connection Coffee Drink is yummy, creamy and sometimes sweet (depending on the amount of the Amaretto liquor in it)! Generally, the French connection series of cocktails are made with Cognac and Amaretto. You can love and enjoy this soothing combination straight if you like or mix it into a cup of strong, black coffee even into a double aromatic and strong espresso to create the French connection coffee, otherwise known as the Café Amore. You can adjust the proportion of the two spirits for this coffee recipe. The more amaretto you pour, the...

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Creating an Amazing Hot White Russian Winter Coffee Cocktail

Winter Time. Ooh… this cool season! Everybody is trying to remain warm. And maybe (just maybe) you’d also like a nice warm-you-from-the-inside-out cocktail with a little bit alcohol? How does a Hot White Russian Winter Coffee Cocktail sound? Trust me… it sounds and tastes really good!!! Especially if you like rich coffee laced with a wee bit of Kahlua and Vodka and topped off with a splash of comforting warm whipped cream. Yes, it’s amazing! And here’s a tip… whether you’re planning a get together event or a cool weather garden party, or resting few hours in your winter garden...

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Hot Winter Orange Coffee

Boozy coffees and spiked hot chocolate drinks should be used any time, day and night, when the temperature outside is very cold. This very special and tasty Hot Orange Boozy Coffee Recipe will become one of your favour winter coffee drinks (of course if you drink cocktails with some alcohol inside). Just believe me!!! Check Amazon Price Ingredients: Half shot Kahlua Half shot Grand Marnier Half shot Brandy A hot espresso coffee 1 long orange peel Half cup whipped cream Half tea spoon brown sugar Instructions: Put the whipped heavy cream in a bowl and whip with an electric...

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The History of the Espresso and Espresso Mashine

In the nineteenth (19th) century, coffee was big business in Europe and especially in Italy. As designers and developers tried to improve brews and reduce brewing time, the espresso coffee came to life For many coffee passionate drinkers, only espresso is coffee. Check Amazon Price Espresso Coffee is the purest distillation of the strong flavoured coffee beans, the exact essence of a bean. In a different sense, it is also the first instant coffee. Before espresso “borne”, it could take up to five minutes –just imagine!! …five whole minutes!– for a cup of coffee to brew. But what actually...

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Coffee Lovers Dream Coffee Bean Aroma And Taste Direct “Wow” Effect

Whether you’re a coffee fan, or you have one or more coffee fanatics on your gift list, a shop where you can buy various sorts of coffee beans directly. Believe me, this shop might turn to be one of your preferred places to find, choose and purchase something proper. Grocery Stores, Special Coffee Shops and Online Huge eStores Check Amazon Price Even those who consume the very same brand of coffee just to feel alive every morning could enjoy coffee beans shopping online too. In your grocery store, usually a special passageway is booked for coffee and tea. Sometimes...

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Our Mission And Hobby

We are alwayssearching for high-quality coffee beans and a cup with excellent coffee. Our hobby and “mission” is: Testingblack coffee, cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato and other special creations. We are using whole coffee beans and create new recipes for coffee gourmets. Sometimes,we test Nespressocoffee capsules or capsules from other brands. Wetaste their different variations and inform you about the best of them.

We always looking forward to findnew coffee lovers& fans which want to learn more about the amazing world of coffee.!


Here I present you Melitta Caffeo CI 970-101, a fully automatic coffee machine which is small and solid. The CI in the name means: “Coffee Intelligence”.


In this review today you can see the results of the Siemens automatic coffee machine EQ.6 700 tests.

Saeco Incanto

Today I tested the Saeco Incanto automatic coffee machine and here are my experiences with this device.


With the “One Touch” function, just a press of a button, it prepares one or two drinks very fast and easy.


It’s time again to present you a new test, I finished recently, with the fully automatic coffee machine Bosch veroAroma 700.