Author: Elen Stone

How to find the right coffee beans for your perfect Coffee

Choosing the Best Espresso Coffee Beans Espresso beans are just coffee beans that have actually been pressed to make a particular type of coffee, known as espresso. In Italy when you order “Coffee” they serve you an espresso coffee by default. For them coffee is only espresso. If you know the simple actions for choosing an espresso bean type then it is easy for you to find the finest beans for your coffee (espresso). Flavour The term “espresso bean” is used here for the article although it is possible to make espresso from any coffee bean available but you...

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The incredible Italian Coffee

What do you know about the Italian Coffee? Bella Italia and your amazing Coffee Variations and Coffee Drinks!!! As many of us already know, the Italians have all sorts of names for their coffee: espresso, caffe normale, coffee, caffe corretto, granite di caffe con panna, cappuccino, latte macchiato and many others.   Italian coffee is more than simply a beverage for the passionate Italian. A cup of Italian coffee is a form of art and for every celebration and for every mood and I promise you that you can find one that fits completely to your needs, taste and...

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The Best Magic Coffee Drink

One particular recipe of those recipes that’s an amazing great idea instead than a just simple procedure, “Elen’s iced coffee” takes inspiration from both her beloved local Cafe and a Swiss Newspaper. Adding a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and some raw dark brown sugar to the coffee as it cold-brews, gives it a luxurious sweet taste and a bit of warmness. After few hours in the fridge, you strain the coffee and pour it over ice-cubes (use a high glass halfway with ice). Then comes the cream or milk (or half and half both – or you can even...

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Full automatic coffee machine EQ 9: Review

Full automatic coffee machine EQ 9: Review I wanted since last year to test the full automatic coffee machine EQ 9 and the reason was very simple. I saw it often in Electro-Market where every time a nice seller has tried to persuade me that it’s the best coffee machine ever. He really did a lot of work but he didn’t know much about coffee machines. That’s why I found this hear time to test it by myself. Is no other coffee machine Quieter as this one You can find the Siemens EQ 9 online and in Amazon Siemens...

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Saeco GranBaristo Avanti: Review All what the App of the Automatic Coffee Machine can do

Saeco GranBaristo Avanti: Review All what the App of the Automatic Coffee Machine can do Today I took the latest and most modern device from Saeco under the microscope: The GranBaristo Avanti.   Especially I wanted to have the possibility to enjoy playing with the Saeco App. I knew already that I would have a lot of fun with it. And of course I have tried very good coffee “straight” and in a big selection of coffee drink variations.   Saeco GrandBaristo Avanti: Overview This amazing automatic coffee machine is small and it has a great app! You can...

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Our Mission And Hobby

We are alwayssearching for high-quality coffee beans and a cup with excellent coffee. Our hobby and “mission” is: Testingblack coffee, cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato and other special creations. We are using whole coffee beans and create new recipes for coffee gourmets. Sometimes,we test Nespressocoffee capsules or capsules from other brands. Wetaste their different variations and inform you about the best of them.

We always looking forward to findnew coffee lovers& fans which want to learn more about the amazing world of coffee.!


Here I present you Melitta Caffeo CI 970-101, a fully automatic coffee machine which is small and solid. The CI in the name means: “Coffee Intelligence”.


In this review today you can see the results of the Siemens automatic coffee machine EQ.6 700 tests.

Saeco Incanto

Today I tested the Saeco Incanto automatic coffee machine and here are my experiences with this device.


With the “One Touch” function, just a press of a button, it prepares one or two drinks very fast and easy.


It’s time again to present you a new test, I finished recently, with the fully automatic coffee machine Bosch veroAroma 700.