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Latte macchiato is next to the Cappuccino the trend drink in the European area. Latte macchiato is a good alternative to the extra portion of milk, especially for milk lovers.

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Origin If you like to speak of Latte macchiato, you should acquire some background information to avoid misunderstandings or even a wrong pronunciation. The name Latte macchiato comes from the Italian language and means “speckled milk”. The word macchiato is spoken like “makkiato”.

This amusing name also leads us to the original development of today’s scene drink: Italians love their coffee, and of course the children can drink it too. Because pure coffee or even espresso for the small Italians contains too much caffeine and probably tastes too bitter, children get their “spotted milk”, a large glass of warm milk with a shot of coffee.

In the villages of Italy latte macchiato is still remains the same, but in tourist-attractive regions, it has developed further and adapted to the tastes of the visitors of the country. To the north of the Alps latte macchiato is drunk in layers, which can only be achieved by the perfect preparation.

How many calories does a latte macchiato have?

On 100ml            47 kcal / 197 kJ

Protein                 2.7 g           The average latte macchiato

Carbohydrates     3.8g            contains on about

Sugar                   3.8g            200ml about 94 calories

fat                         1.2 g


We can prepare a latte macchiato like this – we heat a latte macchiato glass and mix:

  • 1/3 milk froth
  • 1/3 warm milk
  • 1/3 espresso

Exact procedure:

  • We prepare an espresso
  • and the milk froth (with milk frother +)
  • Fill espresso into the cup
  • Preheat the remaining milk and stir
  • Add the milk foam (and then do not stir, to preserve the foam)

With a well-equipped coffee machine, a latte macchiato is prepared in seconds. The preparation without an automatic coffee machine is also no witchcraft and a self-made one tastes still amazing!!!

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Ingredients and preparation

Latte macchiato is made from the same ingredients as its closest relative cappuccino. However, in the “latte” the milk portion is much higher, while in the cappuccino the espresso tastes stronger. Both drinks are basically not made with filter coffee, but with freshly brewed espresso.

With the Latte Macchiato, the milk is foamed much more strongly than in the case of cappuccino, and a solid milk foam is produced for its preparation. First the milk is filled into the glass, then the solid milk foam is layered on it. Due to the many air in the foam, this always remains as the top layer in the glass.

Finally, a freshly brewed, simple espresso is carefully filled in through the foam layer into the glass. Because the espresso is warmer than the milk, it settles down with slow pouring between milk and milk froth. The typical three layers of the latte macchiato are formed. The latte macchiato is always served in the glass, so that the individual layers of the beverage look beautiful. A long spoon is used for stirring.

The right machines for a delicious and well-formed latte macchiato

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Naturally there are machines specialized in the production of latte macchiato, but these appliances can be very costly, so to purchase one for a private household is often not worthy.  You can also prepare this tasty drink with an Espresso machine and an electric milk frother, if this is not already integrated in the machine, inexpensive and easy.

Particularly important for the success of the different layers is the frothy milk. The best milk froth is provided by Italian sieve-carrier espresso machines, since they have an amazing volume in the boiler. But if you like it small and practical, you can also work with an external milk frother, which can be stored in the cupboard at any time.It is important to use only warm water for the cleaning of external milk froth units. In the meantime, however, there are also devices with a special coating that prevents the milk from getting stuck in the appliance.

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The triumph of a coffee drink

The latte macchiato coffee drink has long been an exotic drink and you had to drive across the Alps to enjoy it.  Now in every city, we enjoy the delicious latte macchiato in the café on the corner!

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