Automatic Coffee Machines – What to consider before you purchase one

In this article in my site I want to explain you few things about testing and choosing the right automatic coffee maker fitting to your needs. Also how to compare them.

First of all I want to repeat few benefits and disadvantages of these automatic devices.

 Using Fully Automatic Coffee Machines: Best Advantages

  • Easy to use them for coffee drinks preparation even without much experience
  • Preparing coffee drinks fast and saving time
  • Prepare drinks with different tastes and strength
  • Saving space (the opposite of using sieve carrier + espresso mill)
  • Grinding fresh coffee from coffee beans (no coffee mill needed)
  • Preparing excellent Espresso (preparation with pressure of 9 bar but coarser grinding than this one for espressos from filter-carrier)
  • More inexpensive coffee in compare to coffee-capsules machines
  • Automatic cleaning programs
  • Using Fully Automatic Coffee Machines: Disadvantages
  • An automatic coffee machine must be cleaned regularly
  • The setting options some times are limited (depending on model)
  • Many models are noisy when grinding coffee beans or preparing the milk foam
  • A classic black bean coffee tastes better from the hand filter or the French Press
  • Only 1-2 cups can be prepared at the same time

How I can find and chose the right coffee machine for me?

In order to answer this question of the best automatic coffee machine, I must of course reduce all my tests of the coffee machines to one device.

Of course, this is not so easy. But I know from experience that my readers like clear answers. When you ask which one is the best automatic coffee machine, the first thing you have to know is your budget to choose first the price category. See my Automatic Coffee Machines price categories reviews

The design of the machine, the grinding and milk foam system are also very important. Before you purchase a Coffee Maker, you have to summarize few of your experiences you have made with coffee machines or information you collected about them in the price category you already selected. Then try to decide which one is the beast for you.

The Automatic Coffee Machines list in my site is constantly being updated by me and can of course be changed depending on the Coffee Makers features updates or their new models. That’s why, it is always worthwhile to look to my test lists and add these pages to your favorites.

Best small coffee tumbler

A small coffee machine is helpful because it does not totally complete the kitchen space. As a result, it is important to choose a device with small width and depth.

The milk froth system must also be carefully planned. Often, the milk container has to be placed next to the fully automated machines and takes a lot of extra space.

The best small automatic coffee machine can only be one with a milk container integrated at the generally at the front. In that case no additional space is required.

My winner as the best small coffee machine is the Saeco Incanto HD8914. You can find the new fair price of this Automatic Coffee Machine here online

Best Automatic Coffee Machines

I really liked it. It has an excellent value for money. In this price class, there are no other devices having so much stainless steel on their body.

The machine functionality is also very good. The espresso preparation is well adjustable and the milk froth is just perfect.

You can find a detailed test for Saeco Incanto here.  If you want to know what the best small coffee machine at Amazon costs you can find the Saeco Incanto here

Best Automatic Coffee Machines

Fully automatic coffee machine and Very Quiet

In your question of the best automatic coffee machine, its noise volume plays a decisive role too. Almost everyone would like to buy a quiet full-automatic coffee maker. But which one is the best?

So far as I know from my experience, the two quietest coffeemakers I’ve tested have both been equipped with a ceramic disc grinder. The Saeco Incanto was very quiet. Only Siemens EQ 6 700 is less noisy than Saeco Incanto.

Best Automatic Coffee Machines

You can find them online here and in a very good price too:

There are also coffee makers which their noise volume reminds me of combat aircraft. The Jura C60 and the DeLonghi ESAM 3000.B are especially noisy. With these, the peace in the apartment or your coffee time relaxation is endangered.

Best Automatic Coffee Machines

The smoothest coffee machine in my tests (so far) is Siemens EQ 6 700.

Here you can check its current price on Amazon.

Best Automatic Coffee Machines

Coffee makers: Automatic Cleaning

In the meantime all automatic coffee devices are easy to clean.  This function is applied, in particular, to the full-size machines which have an external milk container, or suck the milk directly from the milk bag.

Devices with integrated milk containers must be kept more hygienically clean. In this case you will have a small problem if this specific machine part is not allowed to be placed in the dishwasher.

What part of the foam preparing system is allowed for the dishwasher and what isn’t varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and you can find this information in the manual. However, this information is often quite hidden.

A particularly good job in terms of labeling and instructions is Miele. All parts are characterized according to dishwashers’ suitability and most parts fulfill this functionality.

This makes the clean keeping easy and enjoyable and this is one of the most important points you have to check in your coffee makers researches.

If you do not have a clean coffee machine, you will not get good coffee drinks. The health risks and the lifetime of your automatic coffee machine, are also very good arguments for a systematic cleaning. The cleaning programs are also very important. They should never be skipped. Before a vacation you should clean every coffee machine using all cleaning programs.

Best automatic coffee machine: Price-performance ratio

This is always very difficult to answer. That is why I want to structure a little bit this category. Full review about this part you can find HERE. (link in new tab to article about the best automatic coffee machines of the year)

Best value for money: manual milk froth system

DeLonghi ECAM 22.110.B is sensational small and powerful. The espresso is very easy to be adjusted and with a little practice can be prepared with the lance of great milk froth for coffee drinks creation. And all at a very reasonable price.

This coffee machine is not the right one for lazy people. It has no automatic milk froth system and cannot prepare beverages at the touch of a button.

Here you can find DeLonghi ECAM 22.110.B online and to see its new price.

Best Automatic Coffee Machines

Best value for money: Design

Saeco Incanto HD8914 is certainly the best small automatic coffee machine in this category. This amazing coffee maker is also the “Design Winner”

For its price category, Saeco Incanto HD8914 is an exceptionally well-equipped coffee machine. You can also use it as a “mirror”J. Almost the entire panel is made of stainless steel. And the general functionality is very good too.

Saeco Incanto is like a “all in one” solution for all those who want a really nice fully automatic machine in their kitchen and don’t want to spend much money.

What is also beautiful with Saeco Incanto is that it also fits in a small kitchen, without to fill the whole kitchen space. Here is a detailed review for Saeco Incanto.

Best value for money: Automatic Milk Froth System

In the middle price category, almost all automatic coffee machines have an automatic milk froth system. These machines are well-known as “one-touch function” coffee makers. You can prepare your drinks with only a touch of a button.

It is not easy to find a winner of this category. But for me there is a winner and it’s  Melitta Caffeo CI. By the way, the CI stands for “Coffee Intelligence”.

Melitta Caffeo CI Espresso 7: This is my favorite device from Melitta and its functionality fits very well to its price! I have been testing it for months at our company and all the testers (employees and customers) are very satisfied.

A detailed test for the Melitta Caffee CI can be found here (link to our review in new tab).

Melitta Caffeo CI Espresso 7: “Our winner for: Automatic Milk Foam System”. Here you can check the current price online.

However, a lot of plastic is used for the device body. If you want more stainless steel you need to give a little bit more money and purchase  Siemens EQ 6 700. A really nice coffee.