Philips HD8834 Automatic Coffee Machine Test and Review
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Today I present you here in the test results of the automatic coffee machine Philips HD8834 I did the past 2 weeks. I decided to test this machine because of the high demand here in the blog and also on my Youtube channel Xandoo World. The exact name of these coffee machine is Philips HD8834 / 01 3100 and it is produced from Philips (Saeco).

In the past two weeks as I wrote above, I have tested it extensively and have written down my experience in my Samsung Tablet to inform my precious followers.  Bellow I have an overview of the test’s results.  This device is in the about 400 EUR price class and it can also froth milk automatically!  You can find the Philips HD8834 here online and in a very good price. (here a small box as the coffeeness does with the sell button link and photo!).

For a fully automatic coffee machine with this functional range, it is relatively small. Since it’s about 100 EUR cheaper than its “sister machine” Seaco Incanto, he must show what he can. In this test you will also learn which model is right for you and whether it really makes a difference whether you buy the Philips or Saeco model.

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Starting with about 400 EUR price, it becomes exciting to search a very good coffee machine in this price class.  Yes! In this price class it is possible to store in the settings the quantity of drinks like espresso and cappuccino and the cleaning of the machine is considerably easier, since many functions are automatic like with Philips HD8834.

More settings flexibility and functions are only available again with expensive devices from approx. 600 – 1.000 EUR. In these expensive machines, different profiles / persons can be stored in the device and set their own settings. This device doesn’t offer this function.

Philips HD8834 Review – The most important functions shortly

To summarize the test results, Philips HD8834 is a good coffee machine for smaller households, about 2-4 people who like to drink espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato or other espresso drinks and save a little bit time, especially during the morning weekend breakfast, when all the family members want to prepare their favorite coffee drink.

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However, this device also does not throw long-sleepers out of bed because it is very quiet with its ceramic grinding mill. Of course, not as quiet as high-quality and expensive machines (for example Siemens EQ9). The interesting thing about this machine is that the milk foaming is louder than the grinding of the coffeeJ.Also tea or cocoa drinkers get their money: you can have with Philips HD8834 and without problems hot water or just hot milk foam.

There is no need for instructions for the reference of a simple espresso or cappuccino in the standard configuration. But if somebody of you wants to configure the quantities or temperature, and few other extra settings, just take a look in the instructions because this is something it cannot be avoided.

We have here the model here in black plastic at Amazon (link to the product in different tab with amazon affiliation ID) and it’s very beautiful. Of course Saeco Incanto (link to the product in different tab with amazon affiliation ID), which I already tested and presented you the tests’ results, looks much better, but it is also a little more expensive and in stainless steel: Saeco Incanto (photo and link to the product in different tab with amazon affiliation ID).

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Pros and Cons of the Philips HD8834 Automatic Coffee Machine

  • Despite its functionality, it is relatively small
  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet ceramic grinding mill
  • Automatic milk froth system
  • Beverage programmable Coffee outlet height and that means suitable for larger glasses too
  • Removable Brewing Unit
  1. Milk frothing is relatively noisy compared to the grinder
  2. Not very intuitive Operation
  3. Grinder setting a little bit “freaky”

Espresso and milk froth quality

Many of my readers know me as purist. For me, therefore, the pure espresso flavor is the most important for coffee makers. In general, the appliances often have problems with pressing the right amount of water through the espresso cup at a fine grinding degree.

The manufacturers like to advertise that their machines works with 10 or 15 bar of pressure, but similar to the megapixel specifications of digital cameras, this feature alone has very little to say. What is the advantage of 15 bar pressure when the degree of grinding is too coarse and therefore no pressure can be built up? I agree! Nothing!!!!

So do not let yourself be guided by the whole marketing brainwash and rather read my coffee machine tests sites. After reading few things about coffee machines you can decide easily.

Philips HD8834 also advertises a 15 bar pumping pressure. As a standard device configuration, the grinder is delivered at the medium level and this setting produces already acceptable espresso coffee.

The first thing I always do before I continue using or testing a coffee machine is to put the grinder on the finest level. And with this setting only, I get a finer crema.

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Taste, amount and temperature of the espresso are good. But there’s more to it later in this review.

The milk container supplied, is responsible for milk foam. After it’s plugged into the device, it can start creating milk froth. I could easily froth many different varieties of milk (whole milk, H milk, fat milk, coconut milk and soy milk). In the default setting the foam came a bit too hot out of the device.

However, I am aware that many people like to drink their cappuccino as perfect and tasty as they can. For this unit, the milk foam container must be purchased separately for 40 or 50 EUR more and is fully automatic.  

Technical data and scope of delivery

Philips HD8834 comes with a detailed instruction manual in several languages. This is also definitely necessary to make the device ready to use and to clean it properly.

  • The delivery box of the device includes:
  • The fully automatic Philips HD8834
  • The milk container
  • Operating instructions in several languages
  • Warranty card
  • Strip for measuring water hardness
  • Grease to grease the brewing unit when it jams
  • Coffee spoon with hexagon for adjusting the degree of grinding

A water filter can be used, but not included.

Category Data
Manufacturer Philips
Device type HD 3000 series
Number 8834
Material plastic black
Grinding levels 5
Grinding mill Ceramic grinding mill
Display Yes, three-color
Milk foam system Yes, external milk container
Brew group Removable
Water filter Optional
Warranty 2 years
Max. Pumping pressure 15 bar
Capacity water tank 1.8 liters
Max. Cup height 15 cm
Bean container approx. 250 g
Power 1850 watts
Max. Cup height 50hz
Voltage 42.9 x 21.5 x 33 cm
Dimensions 42.9 x 21.5 x 33 cm
Weight 7 kg

Here you can order it online

(button for water filter— bellow create again the intex with 2 columns for the technical details)

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