Saeco Moltio à Well rated here in reviews and of course my test winner in the Full Automatic Coffee Machine Area.

With the “One Touch” function, just a press of a button, it prepares one or two drinks very fast and easy. It’s especially important for me to find the right parameters for every beverage and using this machine, the preparation of the drinks is well adjustable and it’s a great thing for me that I can set the espresso to 20 ml. This adjustment often it’s not possible even by purchasing a very expensive espresso device.

It prepares a homogeneous milk froth and makes a good impression. I also find the temperature ideal and its operation very easy. It is a solid and fully automatic machine, which is very good equipped. The bean container can be removed together with the coffee beans.

What I like very much is that the coffee waste container, when it is full, can be removed from the front. Also the water tank is accessible from the front. This is very handy in many kitchens, because you do not have to be on the back of the machine or to turn it around, to access and remove the containers.

Here you can find the full automatic machine Saeco Moltio online and in best price.

Saeco Moltio mit Cappuccinatore

The Saeco HD8768 / 21 Moltio automatic coffee machine also has an automatic milk frother and it has extra the name Cappuccinatore. This has the big disadvantage that you have to change the cup position after the espresso preparation. You cannot make a drink with milk and espresso just with a press of a button. The advantage of a cappuccinatore is that milk bags or other milk containers can be connected. This is practical and means less cleaning effort. You can find this Saeco Moltio mit Cappuccinatore model here online.




Saeco Moltio – Technical Specifications

Category Entry


Philips / Saeco
Name Saeco Moltio
Number/Code HD8769
Country Italy
Coffee Powder Amount 5 levels
Temperature 3 levels
Milling 5 levels
Display LCD
Coffee powder small container  YES
Grinding mill Ceramic grinding mill
Milk container Integrated
Brewing Unit Removable YES
Water filter Brita Water filter possible
Warranty 2 Years
Max Pump Pressure 15 Bar
Capacity Water Container 1,8 l
Cup heigh 14,2 cm
Bean Container 290 g Removable
Milk Container 0,5 l
Power Consumption 1850 W
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 230 v
Dimensions (W x D x H) 256 x 470 x 350 mm
Weight 8,5 kg

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