The topic of Digitalization and Smart-Kitchen is also becoming increasingly popular in the world of fully automatic coffee machines.

Few manufacturers of coffee-maker devices, support the operation of their fully automatic machines with an app.  It’s very common today to transfer all possible settings via the device display to a tablet or mobile phone through an app.

There is in Market usually a variant of the coffee machine with App Control and an identical variant without this connection. Technically, however, there are no significant differences in any device. Only the price difference is usually for this extra digital connection about 200 € extra.

But where is the added value of this extra feature and does it really worth the extra costs? You have, as I do, to ask yourself: “Do I really need an app or I cannot use simple the display of the machine?”

I need to be honest to you about these coffee machines having this feature. And my answer to your question is very simple:

Apps are definitely interesting but certainly not necessary.  

App Control: The Added Value for the Fully Automatic Coffee Machines All Apps for the Automatic Coffee Machines

Technically there are no major differences between the models of the machines they have the App and these they don’t have it, so the question is: “why should I spend more money?”

Coffee Machines with App Control

This is a good question and the answer is certainly matter of taste. I personally find the app control on all models well-made and it makes the operation coffee machines more intuitive. The models of the manufacturers, which can be controlled by the app, are their top models, in which a lot of settings could be controlled. Many users realize after using these apps how many options they have and how many amazing functions their machine has.

  • Easier setting of drinks
  • Turn on the unit (also from the bed)
  • Direct access to the manual
  • Easy adjustment for maintenance and water hardness
  • Easy contact to the customer service

There are also few settings that cannot be controlled by app. For example, the setting of the grinding degree. This function requires a physical adjustment.

It is well-known that manufacturers offer a complete solution for the entire kitchen. The reason is that many from us love to have all kitchen devices from the same brand and want to be able to purchase all the appliances from the same company. In addition, the manufacturers want to distribute their tablets and spare parts directly via the respective apps.

But let’s have a look at the coffee machines, which can be controlled with a mobile phone or tablet.

Saeco GranBaristo Avanti with App Control

Coffee Machines with App Control

Saeco GranBaristo Avanti was the first fully automatic coffee machine, which can be controlled by app.

It is the luxury version of Saeco Incanto.

It’s a really attractive coffee machine with a lot of stainless steel. It costs unfortunately over 1.000 €. When you see this luxury and amazing Saeco automatic coffee machine you can recognize easily its price class.

The app has the name “Saeco Avanti” and can be loaded for free. You have already paid for the fully-automated machine and it is included in the price. With the app the espresso and milk quantities can be set precisely and simply. I made some pictures and screenshots with my mobile phone on which I installed the app for my social media. The service is very good and I find the app is customer friendly and good functioning. Also I have fast and easy access to the help or on the user manual.

Siemens EQ 9 Connect: Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Coffee Machines with App Control

Siemens EQ 9 Connect is also controlled with an app. With the Siemens “Home Connect” app I played for much longer time like a small child because I have to say, it’s so far the best designed, most beautiful and user friendly App I tested .

The functionality is similar to the Saeco app. Also the help and user manual can be fast and easy accessed. There are some “Play-Tricks” like the “EQ.9 Connect coffee Playlist” or the “Coffee-World”. With “EQ.9 Connect coffee Playlist”, all drinks can be pre-programmed in a row and with the “Coffee-World” function you can select from a variety of coffees. These drinks are only available through the app.

Siemens seems to be the most innovative company of all coffee makers manufactures. I have already reviewed Siemens EQ 9 Connect. At the last electronic Exhibition I visited, Siemens EQ 3 was presented as the fully automatic coffee machine that froths directly into the coffee cup. But this full-automatic function cannot be controlled with the app. You can find the test and review here.

Krups Latte Smart EA 860E

Coffee Machines with App Control

I could test Krups Latte Smart EQ 860E with App and Bluetooth function at the last electronic devices Exhibition I visited this year. Of course I compared it with the other App controlled coffee machines. The software differs in relation to Siemens and Saeco coffee makers. The “Latte Smart” app of the device can easy be downloaded for Android and iOS.

The special feature of the app is that parts of the menu can be easily replaced using the “drag and drop” function. With this way you can design the display by yourself. If you would like to know how much coffee you have drunk in the week, you can simply drag the “info menu” into the display and now have fast access to your coffee consumption behavior.

Jura Z6 with App Control

Coffee Machines with App Control

In the Jura Z6, the Bluetooth transmitter “SmartConnect” can be connected to enable communication between mobile phones, tablets and the fully automatic coffee machines. The setting possibilities correspond to these I previously described. However, with this way, no adjustment can be reprogrammed at the machine – I do not understand, but I have not yet been able to test the app. Jura doesn’t give easily test devices for reviews and tests.

Since I have enough other devices, I didn’t try again to ask them for a Test device.