Be Your Own Barista!!!
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It’s Easier Than You Believe

Do you love an aromatic and tasty espresso or cappuccino or even a latte macchiato when you wake up in the morning in your own house without running to the nearby Cafeteria?

I never worked as Barista and I can brew my espresso and create my cappuccino and latte macchiato pretty good using my amazing Automatic Coffee Machine.

Well, learning how to make your own espresso or latte, might save you lots of money and you also don’t’ have to run every time you need it to the coffee shop down the road. Even though those frothy beverages cost you enough, it would be even more fulfilling if you could make one at home, exactly when you want them and how you like them.

All you actually need to know about brewing your own espresso and being your own barista are the basic steps on how to make a latte, a cappuccino or another coffee drink.

Brewing Your Own Espresso

The first action of the procedure of making the best coffee drink is making the perfect espresso.On the other side you have to grind the coffee beans to create your favour coffee drink or espresso. If you grind your espresso beans too much, your grinds will be too fine and might potentially block the machine. Grinding your own espresso beans fresh before each use, using a unique espresso grinder or burr grinder, is suggested by all the espresso specialists all over the world!

As soon as you have appropriately ground espresso beans, then is time to start brewing with your coffee machine. Make sure to stop the process by the time the espresso has actually put the optimum period recommended from the machine maker.

When you have your one to two liquid coffee ounces of espresso, it’s time to froth and steam the milk for your coffee drink. This indicates utilizing the steam wand on your espresso device. Steam wands also aerate the milk to make extra foam, the ideal topper for the best at-home latte and cappuccino.

Using Automatic Coffee Machines

Another way to create a very good espresso and even cappuccino and latte, is the Nespresso Coffee Machine. This coffee device, using coffee capsules containing different types and strongness of coffee, they can brew a very aromatic and tasty espresso with heavy café crema at the top.

To froth easier your milk, and create a cold or warm foam for your coffee drinks, just use the small Nespresso froth device with the wonderful silver or black design. You have to insert at least milk with 3.8% fat or more to create the best coffee froth.

Another way to create as professional Barista your favour coffe is using a good Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine is very easy to create your beloved coffee. Even you can have coffee drinks automatically using this machine. It grinds perfectly the coffee bean with the right grinding degrees and also the right amount for the best results. Then it creates at the Top of the coffee an almost amazing milk foam, using an adapted milk container.

Is this machine the dream of every coffee lover??? YES it is!!!

Then you can perfect the process on your own, using the best Automatic Coffee Machine’s setups, and brewing the best coffee ever. Believe me! With this machine it’s easier that you believe. You can create an amazing espresso with a incredible café crema at the top and any coffee drink you like. Just use only your skills and imagination. And when your friends visit you, impress them with your abilities!!! If you master the coffee making as a professional Barista your friends will be coming by more frequently to see you and taste your aromatic coffee and wonderful coffee drinks.

Today, these Coffee Machines cost not so much as few years before and we can purchase them easy and online, especially in Amazon and in fair prices!

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