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In this article I want to describe my experience after testing the Espresso Yirga Santos. It’s one of the first bio-espressos I’ve already tested. I have tested this espresso extensively with the sieve holder La Pavoni Professional and fully automatic Espresso machines such as Saeco, Miele, Jura, Siemens and Delonghi. Yirga Santos Espresso: Test result overview The Yirga Santos is a bio-certified espresso from three cultivation areas: India, Ethiopia and Brazil. This blend consists of 75% Arabica and 25% Robusta coffee beans.

This espresso can also be produced almost instantly in the sieve carrier and the coffee machine. It is easy to be prepared. The organic espresso has a nice, dark crema and a full body with lots of flavors and complexity. There is plenty of roasted nuts and chocolate to taste. The coffee is sent very quickly and shortly after roasting to customers. It is an espresso with a fine and lite sour taste, which is very well tolerated. The coffee prepared in the automatic coffee machine, it’s neither sour nor bitter but well balanced. Here you can find the Yirga Santos online. This Yirga Santos Espresso can also be used for coffee milk drinks such as Cappuccino and Late Macchiato.  All my baristi friends and I are more than satisfied with the Yirga Santos. We have rarely seen such a beautiful reach crema. Overview

Category Output
Roaster Coffee Circle
Name Yirga Santos
Arabica 75%
Robusta 25%
Roasting traditional drum roasting
Blend from 3 Regions Brazil, India and Ethiopia
Good for sieve carriers and the fully automatic coffee machine
Very Fresh They sent it to me about 1 week after the roasting (that is amazing).
Shipping duration 2 days
Price 350 g cost  $13

Espresso Yirga Santos for coffee makers  According to my experiences and my tests, the Yirga Santos from Coffee Circle is very suitable for the espresso preparation in the coffee makers and I had excellent results. The crema is a little lighter than in the espresso machine. The body of espresso is less crowded. Nevertheless, the result is an aromatic espresso with a good body and a lot of aroma. It is quite easy to prepare.

Espresso Yirga Santos for Espresso Machines  The Yirga Santos from Coffee Circle does not only look good, it also has a great flavor. Relatively very low acid and many complex aromas. It tastes as heavy dark chocolate and roasted nuts. This pure organic espresso has an amazing taste and also has enough flavor power not to lose it under a milk foam when we prepare a coffee milk drink. So we can also use Cappuccino or Espresso Macchiato preparation. Experiences and test results It is a great espresso which, unlike the other espresso from Coffee Circle, is made stronger with less fruit and more chocolate. The Yirga Santos of Coffee Circle gave my always very tasteful and beautiful results.

Qualified for: Espresso Yirga Santos
Sieve Carriers
Fully automatic Coffee Machines
Aero Press
Espresso makers