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I have prepared a coffee bean test with chocolate. It is about two organic certified products: on the one hand there is a coffee from Ethiopia from Coffee Circle and a 100% chocolate from Madagascar by François Pralls.

The Coffee:

Category Eintrag
Name Limu
Roasting Shop Coffee cirlce
Price 22,90€
The package capacity 1kg
Roasting date Not existing
Payment Type PayPal
Delivery Time 3 Days
Packaging Type Aroma valved
Processing natural pulped
Country of origin Ethiopia
Beans 100% Arabica

For coffee and chocolate you have to have in mind this we say about wine: Life is too short to drink bad coffee and chocolate. So get out of the supermarkets and run into the gourmet shops!

I have tested this coffee with the hand filter. It’s a little difficult to find the chocolate. You can order it at Amazon, but with very high shipping costs.

Later I tested again the coffee but with the French Press. This coffee is generally better suited for the coffee press than for other preparation methods.

Coffee beans Test Limu by Coffee Circle  

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The Limu coffee from Ethiopia is available in the shop of Coffee Circle in various sizes.

Coffee Test Limu of Coffee Circle: Aroma and Taste

This coffee has a slight smell. Just shortly after the brewing, the floral aromas are feeling the place around. I feel the aroma of rosehip – this coffee smells like rose hips and other flowers.

I also prepared the coffee in the French Press, and the smell was much stronger.

I could feel a very weak sour taste and this is strange for an Ethiopian coffee

The coffee is natural pulped.

The Limu Coffee is oft and silky, with the Umami taste quality. Pleasant on the tongue with a medium body. In the French Press the body changes significantly – it becomes very full and the taste stronger.

The producer informs that you need a dark chocolate as aftertaste. I did not notice that. The coffee has an excellent finish, but I had more of citrus fruit taste like lime in my mouth.

In the French Press, the coffee in the outlet becomes heavier. Now also the rose hip returns.

Review summary

The result of the coffee bean test:

Coffee beans Test Limu by Coffee Circle  

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It is a round coffee with a rosehip kick. Properly prepared, it’s a coffee with which everyone can start. It has much depth but less power. It doesn’t have a very full body and also no strong sour taste but many interesting aromas. These come from the coffee preparation and the wild gardens.

In the French Press, the strength of the coffee is growing and for all coffee-press-brewing machines this coffee is definitely the right choice.


In the French Press it tastes best in the 1 liter jug with 65g coarse coffee and 3 minutes drawing time.

Coffee test with chocolate

Now there is still the combination of the Limu with a 100% chocolate from Madagascar. So we are testing two organic products from Africa.

“Le 100%” Chocolate:

The great thing about 100% chocolates is that 0% sugar is added. The cocoa content in a bitter chocolate is crucial. The less cocoa, the more sugar.

The most chocolates contain a lot sugar. So with a 70% chocolate that already belongs to dark chocolates, 30% is sugar.

This is not healthy and does not taste. Good 100% chocolates were an enlightenment for me but are a little bit bitter.

“Le 100%” from François Pralus  it melts on the tongue. I’ve been enjoying a heavy taste of ripe plums on the tongue. In short: A dream!

The chocolate in combination with the coffee Limu can the “Le 100%” is delicious. So I tested both coffee and chocolate. A piece of chocolate decently cut in pieces and a tidy sip of coffee over it.

And the taste explosion came!! It becomes sweet with full-body. The chocolate becomes even milder and the coffee more chocolated. The most interesting, however, is a “lemon explosion”. Everything tastes as fresh lime.

There is much flavour and sweetness in this test, with a pure bean coffee from Ethiopia and a pure chocolate from Madagascar.

“Who needs sugar and artificial flavours? Nobody!”

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