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In this article we’ll talk about Coffee Grinders and I’ll inform you about my Test Results.

What types of Coffee Grinders are there in the Market?

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There are various approaches to categorize coffee and espresso machines. For example one approach is to categorize them according to the purpose of their application. So with a French Press or a Coffee Filter device I need a coffee beans grinder for the coffee preparation too.

Another option to categorize a machine is its technique. Is it a manual coffee grinder or an electric and what kind of grinder was installed in the appliance? In this article we will deal with the technical and functional fields of the Coffee Beans Grinders.

Which coffee grinder is the right one for your special needs?

Why I believe that a good coffee mill is very important, I will explain you later in this article. My opinion is that it’s necessary every time to combine a good sieve holder with a decent coffee grinder. For French Press, hand-held filters and so on, a more affordable model is important.

Coffee grinders are not an easy topic, and that’s why many “buyers’ protection organizations” have not tested them yet.

There is a lot of interesting information in forums such as “the coffee network” or other websites about coffee grinders. Very often in coffee sites they inform us only about their own coffee grinder and its advantages. Here I also write about my own mills and of course I have more than one.

Coffee Grinders for French Press, Manual Coffee and Espresso Makers

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The bestselling coffee grinders on the Internet are inexpensive “coffee grinders” with impact mill (beater). I would not advise you to purchase anyone of these because the unacceptable device and milling quality. Later, I’ll explain with more details why. I have not yet seen a coffee mill that costs less than 60$ and provides useful results for the above-mentioned coffee preparation methods. But I also know that in USA and Europe – especially for non-espresso drinks- people don’t want to spend a lot of money for such devices. Italy and Switzerland are an exception and the people purchase expensive for their coffee preparation.

So here are few of my suggestions. I recommend these coffee beans grinders for the French press, manual coffee and espresso machines, but not for the coffee preparation with a sieve holder!

Three electric coffee grinders as your first choice

Severin coffee grinder

The Severin coffee grinder machine has a very good quality and nice design.


  • Good homogeneous result for its low price·
  • Coffee powder it produce is not hot·
  • Practical coffee powder collection container·
  • It has Consistency-Setting (milling – scale) ·
  • Robust and Long lasting (my parents used it daily the last 5 years)

Weaknesses ·

  • Relatively noisy·
  • A little bit static charge

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Severin KM 3873 à you can find the Coffee Grinder online here and in a very good price.

This coffee grinder has 10 levels of grinding machine scale. However the adjustability is not exact and goes further than the indication. If you are beyond the level 10, you can set the grinder even higher. For example I count up to 15 on the scale (so 5 more than indicated) and grind my French Press coffee. So just imagine, the scale could go up to 15. At stage 16, the bean container is disconnected.

Graef coffee mill CM 702

This mill is also used by many Espresso lovers as a cheap secondary grinder .

Benefits ·

  • It’s a very good and solid coffee grinder for starters and has good value for money·
  • Same grinding quality as with more expensive Graef coffee grinders

Weaknesses ·

  • There remains a lot of coffee in the mill
  • Generally it’s a very robust coffee grinder.

Graef coffee mill CM 702  you can find it in here online and in a very good price too.If you want, you can also use the Graef coffee grinder CM 800 with the suggested espresso machines, which is similar to the other model but has significantly higher quality and better design.

KitchenAid Artisan Coffee Grinder

This coffee grinder has been my mothers’ secondary milling machine for about the last 7 years for the rougher coffee powder. She is very pleased with it.  It does not grind fine enough coffee powder for espresso, but a small adjustment would be necessary. Otherwise, we are very satisfied. It is solid and has a good disk grinder. The change of the grinding scale is possible and fast. I often jump from a rough grind for the French Press to a finer for the manual Coffee Machine.

Benefits ·

  • Robust and high quality·
  • Durable·
  • Low heat coffee powder preparation·
  • Feed and storage container from glass·
  • Good spare parts supply (but expensive)

Weaknesses ·

  • Relative expensive ·
  • Static filling of the Collection Container

KitchenAid Artisan coffee grinder Here you you can find it online and in best price.

Zassenhaus Manual Coffee Beans Grinder 

Next in the article I’ll refer the Manual Coffee Grinders.

I have been using the Zassenhaus Brasilia for several years on vacation and traveling. I cannot imagine my life without fresh morning coffee.

This machine delivers really great results. However, it needs a lot of time and energy for the coffee grinding. The finer you want to grind, the more you have to grind.

Benefits ·

  • Looks just great·
  • Works without power supply·
  • Is well finished (but the screws are not rust-proof and should be replaced)

Weaknesses ·

  • You have to grind properly.·
  • The adjustment of the Consistency-Setting (grinding quality) is not easy

If you decide to make real manual work, you can find the Zassenhaus Brasilia online here and in a very good price.

In the second part of this article I’ll inform you about the coffee grinders for sieve holders.  


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