Full automatic coffee machine EQ 9: Review
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Full automatic coffee machine EQ 9: Review

I wanted since last year to test the full automatic coffee machine EQ 9 and the reason was very simple. I saw it often in Electro-Market where every time a nice seller has tried to persuade me that it’s the best coffee machine ever. He really did a lot of work but he didn’t know much about coffee machines. That’s why I found this hear time to test it by myself.

Is no other coffee machine Quieter as this one

You can find the Siemens EQ 9 online and in Amazon

Siemens EQ 9

I want it for my kitchen – But Siemens has not released yet Siemens EQ 9 is a very high-quality automatic coffee machine and the best of all, a very silent one. I have already thoroughly tested the coffee maker Siemens EQ 6 700, also a good automatic coffee machine with a very quiet grinder too. One of the biggest differences is that this fully automated machine has an external milk container, while the milk system is completely integrated with the Siemens EQ 9. This is a very handy machine because it saves space and looks good and the cleaning is very easy too. Here on Amazon you can see all Siemens EQ 9 models.

Siemens EQ 9: PROS

  • Very quiet grinder
  • Super good functionality
  • It looks great. Machine body from stainless steel
  • Easy cleaning – many parts are allowed in the dishwasher

Siemens EQ 9: CONS

  • High Price
  • Inexpensive version only in black  colour
  • Excessively expensive spare parts and accessories


Siemens EQ 9 Unterschiede der Modelle

Kaffeevollautomat EQ 9 s300

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Siemens EQ 9 s300 with the serial number TI903509DE is the most favourable fully automatic machine from the EQ 9 series.

  • Programmable Coffee Drinks for 6 persons
  • It is only available in high-gloss black (but not in pure stainless steel)

Here you can see the price of the Siemens EQ 9 s300 on Amazon.

Kaffeevollautomat EQ 9 s500

The Siemens EQ 9 with the serial number TI905501DE has a complete stainless steel design.

  • Programming coffee drinks  for 10 different users (4 more than the TI903509DE).
  • Stainless steel hausing
  • Active cup preheating, which can be switched on and off manually

Here on Amazon you can see the newest fair price of the Siemens EQ 9 s500 .

The Siemens EQ 9 s700 with the serial number TI907501DE is the most expensive fully automated machine with the widest range of services Siemens has to offer. This full automatic coffee machine also got from the manufacturer the nickname “Extra Class”.  Just like the EQ 9 s500, the EQ s700 has also a stainless steel design.

  • Programming for 10 people
  • Stainless steel body
  • Active cup preheating. Enable manual on and off

In addition, this coffee machine still has:

  • Two grinders
  • Two bean compartments with 235 and 200g volume

EQ 9 s700 – ist ein zweites Mahlwerk nötig?

Providing a second grinder is really remarkable. I knew already the divided bean compartments from another coffee machine of Melitta. But it works with just one grinder. Either the remains of the one variety are added to the brew group of the other (Melitta Caffeo CI) , or the grinder grinds all the beans to the end (Melitta Caffeo Barista) .With Siemens EQ 9 s700 the whole grinding process with 2 grinders is different!  Siemens EQ 9 s700 has two independent grinders. These are both very quiet. This is a clear advantage over both Melitta’s patents. There is no mixing of the coffee beans and the grinders do not have to be completely empty ground. This is very good for two reasons:

  • The noise is much less because Siemens EQ 9 is a quieter coffee machine
  • Presumably, this kind of grinding is gentler for the grinder and helps the longevity of EQ 9. This is just a theoretical consideration because I have not made any long-term tests for years and years to prove it. I believe of course that if 2 grinder share the coffee beans’ grinding it’s much better for the long and smooth functionality of this full automatic coffee machine

I find this solution quite handy. If you live in a family where one person would definitely want another espresso than the others, Siemens EQ 9 s700 is perfect. The first coffee bean compartment and its grinder you can use it for a nice southern Italian espresso and the second for a tasty decaffeinated espresso. Amazing eeeh?

Es kommt auch oft vor, dass eine Person einen kräftigeren Espresso bevorzugt, als die anderen. Auch hier ist er die richtige Wahl. Für alle, die sagen, ein Espresso reicht uns vollkommen aus, ist der Siemens EQ 9 s500 die bessere Entscheidung. Bis auf den unterschied mit den Bohnenfächern und dem zusätzlichen Mahlwerk sind die Geräte baugleich.

It also often happens that one person prefers a stronger espresso than the others. This coffee maker again is the right choice for you. For those who say: “an espresso is necessary for me”, Siemens EQ 9 s500 is the best decision. The devices are identical, except for the difference with the bean compartments and the additional grinder. By the way Siemens calls the 2 grinders, dual Bean system.

Siemens EQ 9 oder EQ 6 700

The decision is not easy. There are two good coffee makers. If you would like to use two different coffee beans at the same time you have to choose the Siemens EQ 9 s700 coffee maker. I would not depend on the bean compartment for ground coffee. They do not function well in my experience. This has nothing to do with Siemens, but is a general advice for all my coffee machines.

EQ 9 and its integrated milk system

The EQ 9 has an integrated milk system! The milk system is simply inserted at the left side of the automatic coffee machine.  The advantage is: a lot of space is saved! The EQ 9 occupies less space than other coffee devices in my kitchen. From the other side, such an integrated milk system is somehow more complicated to be cleaned. But you may clean it in the dishwasher.  In the case of the EQ 6, a tube is connected which leads into a milk container or the milk bag. For this kind of milk system, you have to plan more space.

Siemens EQ 9 and its bigger Display

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Ich finde beide Geräte sehen sehr hochwertig aus. Aber insgesamt setzt der EQ 9 von Siemens noch mal einen drauf. Er ist sehr gut verarbeitet und dabei kompakt. Sein Display ist wirklich beeindruckend. Beim EQ 6 ist das Display kleiner und einfacher.

Siemens EQ 9 has a larger display. I believe that both devices, EQ 6 and EQ 9, have an amazing design and very high-quality.  But generally, the full automatic coffee machine EQ 9 from Siemens, is a level higher.  It has a very good design and functionality and it’s compact.  The display of Siemens EQ 9 is really impressive.  The display of EQ 6 is smaller and simpler.

EQ 9 and its new brewing unit

EQ 9 has a new brewing unit! While Siemens EQ 6 700 is equipped with a standard brewing unit, which can also be found at Miele, Melitta or Bosch automatic coffee machines,  a separate brewing unit was developed for the Siemens EQ 9. It is placed on the EQ 9 further in the middle of the unit. It is very easy to be cleaned if you take out the water tank before.

Which Modell is better to choose and purchase?

Which model to purchase?That’s a good question! I find both coffee makers, EQ 9 and EQ 6 just amazing. But it also depends on the price. If the price for you is not so important, I strongly recommend you Siemens EQ 9 s500. It has the larger range of services and looks just great.

Siemens EQ 9: Technical Details

Category Listing
Manufacturer Siemens
Name EQ 9
Modell Types TI903509DE / TI905501DE / TI907501DE
Color stainless steel
Weight in kg 11 kg
Dimensions 38,2 x 31,6 x 74 cm
Water Container 2.3 l
Power in W 1500 W
In the Market since 31. August 2015
Grinding Unit Ceramic grinding wheel (1 or 2)
Maximum pumping pressure 19 bar
Waranty 24 Months and 15.000 Coffee Drinks
Active preheating of coffee cups only the models s500 and s700
Coffee powder compartment
Removable brewing unit
 Grinding degree: multi – level adjustable
Water filter Brita ✓
Adapter for Milk Box
Two cups function
Voltage 220-240 V



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