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Boozy coffees and spiked hot chocolate drinks should be used any time, day and night, when the temperature outside is very cold. This very special and tasty Hot Orange Boozy Coffee Recipe will become one of your favour winter coffee drinks (of course if you drink cocktails with some alcohol inside). Just believe me!!!

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  • Half shot Kahlua
  • Half shot Grand Marnier
  • Half shot Brandy
  • A hot espresso coffee
  • 1 long orange peel
  • Half cup whipped cream
  • Half tea spoon brown sugar


Put the whipped heavy cream in a bowl and whip with an electric or manual whisk. You can also put the cream in the blender to whip it. Whip the cream until soft peaks. Take your orange peel and lightly “burn” it with a lighter. This will help the orange essences come out and will lovely flavour the coffee later. Add the Kahlua, Brandy and grand Marnier, and the freshly brewed espresso coffee in a cup. Place the orange peel at the top the cup throwing it the same time inside the coffee drink. Spoon some whipped cream on top and then add a little bit brown sugar over it to taste. Enjoy your Winder Orange Booze Coffee right away!

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