How to Clean a Full Automatic Coffee Machine and the Water Filtration
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In this article, I give you many detailed good tips on the cleaning of fully automatic coffee machines. But how easy is the cleaning of the fully-automatic coffee Makers?

An important point is whether the brewing unit can be removed for daily cleaning. This is an important requirement from many purchasers and me too, but I would also buy a high-quality coffee machine, which is not possible to remove it.

Fully Automatic Coffee Makers: How do the cleaning programs functioning and how can they clean and disinfect the machine?

Automatic Coffee Machine

The hygiene is one of the most important test criteria for a fully automatic coffee machine.

And almost all the automatic coffee makers have a decalcification and a cleaning reminder of the relevant to them programs.

Cleaning program

As I remarked above, just like the decalcification reminder, you are also reminded of the cleaning program. When you see the reminder the cleaning should be done right away. I extra recommend: let the brewing group to cool and dry every day on which it was used.

Water quantity

The cleaning water quantity can often be adjusted. The menu also advise about the size of the cup we need to use for the cleaning

The care of fully automatic coffee machines

Automatic Coffee Machine

If you regularly empty and clean your coffee machines, it has many advantages.
Many users unfortunately start cleaning it only when something no longer functioning or when the coffee does not taste any more.

But then it is too late!!!

Advantages of regular care:

Automatic Coffee Machine

Extend the life expectancy of your fully automatic coffee machine
Avoiding exposure to germs and mold

Cleaning your coffee maker with tablets and special cleaning liquids (disinfecting)

Automatic Coffee Machine

Regular cleaning of a fully automatic coffee machine is very important. For this, it is first necessary to observe the instructions in the maintenance manual. These recommend very different cycles of cleaning. Whoever if you use your coffee machine every day you should thoroughly clean it at least once per week.

I clean my coffee machines every day when I used it or every second day if I have no time.

Everyone should ask themselves the question: “Would I drink my cappuccino from a cup which I didn’t wash it for a week?”

Coffees and milk, in a machine working with water, are the ideal breeding areas for mold. I saw a reportage about it in TV. However, this video was quite “one-sided” and its target was to make the manufacturers of coffee machines look bad. They showed only devices which are defective due to poor maintenance. Everybody who cares about his / her coffee machines can avoid all these problems easily.

However, I think that in case of a proper and regular cleaning no mold is created.

The cleaning programs of the automatic coffee makers should be used regularly, but are not enough!

Cleaning the brewing unit

Automatic Coffee Machine

Buy only automatic coffee machines, in which you can simply remove the brew unit. If you remove it, you can simply clean it very systematically under hot water. If you do this regularly, at least weekly or better daily, you don’t have to use scratches or sharp cleaning tools.

Cleaning the bean container

Automatic Coffee Machine

Coffee and espresso beans have different oils depending on origin and roasting. This oil can remain in the container and make it dirty over time. For that reason, it is advisable to fill the bean container with only a little amount of coffee beans, which are quickly consumed. This has several advantages:

Regular cleaning of the container is possible
The beans are heated less from the machine – the automatic coffee machine
generates natural heat – and don’t lose their quality and aroma

The cleaning of the bean container is simple as soon as it is emptied. I just clean it dry with a household towel.

Coffee takes on all the smells and tastes, so you have to clean it completely without chemical cleaners. Often I have seen people (also in the gastronomy) using glass cleaner (or worse) in the coffee bean or water containers. This is a disaster for me and every other coffee gourmet lover!

Cleaning the container for the coffee grounds

Automatic Coffee Machine

There are few problems here. Most volumetric machines indicate when the container is full and has to be emptied again. I would just try to empty it more often before the indication. You can also use cleaning products (or dishwasher) depending on the model. However, this is certainly not necessary with a regular cleaning.


I write often about the necessity to adjust the water hardness.

Whenever the machine is heated, lime is released from the water. The higher the hardness of the water, the higher the lime content and faster the lime settling.

There are, however, fully automatic coffee machines without a decalcification program. Here you have to determine by the water hardness, how often you should clean it. My recommendation is to decalcify it at least once per month. And not only the boiler, but also in the pipelines and bottlenecks. Because lime is deposited on all these places and can bring problems to the functionality and even lead to a defect.

Vinegar is not suitable for the descaling of a fully automatic coffee machine. It is too aggressive and attacks the rubber seals. There are usually decalcification tablets from the manufacturers, but it is also possible and without problems to select cheaper products for your automatic coffee maker. These decalcified cleansers should always be present in the household.

Tip: Imagine a monthly calendar entry in your smartphone, which reminds you of the descaling.

Water filter and the calcification of fully automatic coffee machines

Automatic Coffee Machine

In few fully automatic coffee machines a water filter is used or can be used as an option.

The water filter is functioning just like a classic Britta water filter . The only difference is that the Britta water filter is not integrated in the device.

The filter reduces the water hardness and the lime content in the water to the stage 1.

Try to clean often your fully automatic coffee machine to enjoy for a very long time the preparing of a tasty and aromatic coffee.

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