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What do you know about the Italian Coffee?

Bella Italia and your amazing Coffee Variations and Coffee Drinks!!!

As many of us already know, the Italians have all sorts of names for their coffee:

  • espresso,
  • caffe normale,
  • coffee,
  • caffe corretto,
  • granite di caffe con panna,
  • cappuccino,
  • latte macchiato
  • and many others.


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Italian coffee is more than simply a beverage for the passionate Italian.

A cup of Italian coffee is a form of art and for every celebration and for every mood and I promise you that you can find one that fits completely to your needs, taste and emotions too.


In Search of the Perfect “Tazza di Caffé” (cup of coffee)

The possibility of Italian coffee to confuse anybody who has the loves coffee is huge because it has numerously complicated names.

What kind of Italian coffee should you purchase in a caffe? Here is a list of some of the most popular coffee drinks that you will generally find in an Italian Cafe:

* Caffe (espresso) usually a little cup of very strong coffee; frequently described as espresso however make certain to pronounce it with a ‘s’ instead of “expresso” And if you’ll order a “caffè” in Italy, you’ll always just get an espresso. Yes, it doesn’t look like much, but an Italian espresso is a beloved coffee and very strong.

* Caffe Americano this is American-style coffee however stronger.

* Caffe corretto Ready for a splash of alcohol during daylight hours? Yes! This coffee is “corrected” with a shot of grappa and sometimes with cognac, or other spirits but then they give them some other names depending on the Café.

* Caffe fredo iced coffee beverage

* Caffe hag decaffeinated coffee

* Latte macchiato coffee combined with hot milk and milk foam; typically served in a glass for breakfast. It’s exactly an espresso “stained” with a drop of steamed milk; actually a small version of coffee. Ask for a “latte” in Italy and all you’ll get is a cup of nothing but cold milk. The closest thing to a latte in Italy is a “latte macchiato” which consists of hot milk with some coffee.

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* Cappuccino espresso infused with steamed milk and intoxicated in the early mornings; never ever buy this after lunch or dinner because the Italians never drink it this part of the day. Have you ever had your espresso sitting down? Or ordered a cappuccino in the afternoon? If you’ve done either of these in Italy, then you’re almost certainly not a native.

* Granitadi di caffe con panne—It’s iced coffee with whipped cream.

* Cafee’ Lungo If you like your coffee strong, try ordering a “caffè lungo”. It’s hot water with espresso added to it, not to be confused with an American coffee.

* CAFFE’ AL BANCO— This is not a sort of Coffee Drink!!! Italian Cafè menus will often have two prices – one for the table (al tavolo) and one for the bar (al banco) which is cheaper. If you’re travelling around Italy you’ll find that most Italians get their coffee at the bar.

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Italians do not consume coffee with any meal. Italians are much like the French. Coffee normally served with brioche, cakes, tartes and other treats or with breakfast (as you see the only exception is during breakfast). The majority of the time, Italian coffee (espresso) is only purchased after a meal and only the unwitting tourist orders cappuccino in a restaurant after lunch or supper.

When you do order for Italian coffee after a meal, do not request an espresso. Request “un caffe, per favour” and you will get your espresso.


How Italian Coffee is Made

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There as numerous espresso machines in Italy. From completely automated espresso makers to lever piston espresso machines to even the timeless aluminum espresso coffee maker. The options are widely different.

And just when you believe you’ve got everything down, then you see that you have to find the particular coffee bean type to use for your coffee machine and the sort of coffee you want to drink. Italian coffee is often a heated fight in between blade and burr mills and aspects like tamp pressure, water temperature level, and humidity.

Enthusiasts of Italian coffee even have their favourite caffeine haunts through local torrefazione or coffee homes and barista who are valued for their ability to provide a best caffe espresso.

Coffee is so much a part of Italian culture that the idea of not drinking it is as foreign as the idea of having to explain its rituals. These rituals are set in stone and not always easy for outsiders to understand.

Well, that’s all for the moment!!! More details in another article in Coffeenation.co


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