I’ve got Krups EA 8808 Automatic Coffee Machine for test 2 weeks before. When I tried to unpack the device it looked a little bit like Christmas. A large carton was delivered to me at home. When I was unpacking it, I found out that the large carton contains three more cartons. The last one happily holding a coffee machine: the Krups EA 8808.


I tested the machine the last 2 weeks intensively and evaluated it.  The first that I firstly discovered was that I did not have enough space for the device in my office. The old trick.

A friend having a Coffee Machines Store in Switzerland has sent me the coffee machine for testing and I may keep it. So I have a lot of time for short and longer test J.

Krups EA 8808 – Starting the Test

I started opening the device manual first! But even I had it open in front of me everything was quite simple to assemble and I didn’t need it.  First of all the right short power plug had to be connected to EA 8808 and an electrical outlet. Then I screwed the included water filter into the water tank. Thanks to my small women hands, this was quickly screwed in. A special tool for screwing in the water filter is included in the packaging, but that has made me rather confused. For people with larger hands it‘s surely very helpful.  The water filter is not necessary if you already have soft water to use for your coffee. Here you should make few thoughts about the subsequent costs of the filters (they cost about 10 €), as they have to be continuously replaced depending on the usage and water hardness. Then the water hardness has to be determined. Here, the guide is divided into 5 degrees of water hardness. 0 to 4. In the EU the standard is now actually sorted by 1-3. But the more accurate, the better. There is also a test strip included. This can be used to check whether the information on the waterworks is correct (which will always be the case). I used it and as I expected we have “medium hard” water in Zurich. After this I filled the tank with water. The water tank can include a maximum of 1.7 liters. Turning on the On / Off button and we can start using it!!! The menu now leads you intuitively through the settings.  The specific water hardness must be entered. The original time and the date have already been preset. The device is automatically cleaning up and we can start making coffee. Of course, we still need to fill it with coffee beans and already the first drink can be prepared. I found the machine setup very user-friendly.

Buying Krups EA 8808

The retail price is about € 1,399. Experience shows that this is very optimistic. I reckon with the fact that the real price will be settled at about 1/4 below this price. Online you can find it at Amazon in a very fair price. photo and link buttons — one for Europe one for usa with id-s  take them from my affiliations accounts   If it’s not so important for you to prepare two drinks at the same time, you can also look at the little brother of this coffee machine, Krups EA850B.

However, they still fail some functions, which the EA 8808 have. For example the selection of drinks is much smaller.

Technical specifications EA 8808 (hier as everytime a 2 column index) Category                                               Entry Name                                                     EA 8808Power supply                                       Europe 220-240V / 50Hz                                                                   USA 110-120 V / 60 Hz Energy consumption                             1,450 W Water tank                                              1.7 lBean container                                     250gMax pumping pressure                         15 barDimensions                                         H: 376 W: 274 D: 404   mmWeight                                                  9.5 kgHeight from spout                                6 cm -12 cm


Krups EA 8808A – Advantages      Makes very good milk froth.    Can be cleaned well.    Can make 2 drinks at the same time.    For a VA relatively many adjustment possibilities.    Heats up quickly.

Krups EA 8808 – Disadvantages     Has no water level indicator.    Plenty of plastic for the price.

 Also pay attention The container for the coffee set is on the left side. The water tank at the back and the bean tank at the top. The unit operation is in the front.

Only the right side can stand on a wall. If you want to purchase it, you should pay attention to this. Does the fully automatic machine fit into your kitchen?

Milk froth from the coffee machine EA 8808

In this case, Krups EA 8808 surprised me completely positive. I know the milk foam from fully automatic coffee machines in hotels or offices and in the most cases is really bad.

The Krups EA 8808 really makes really nice, homogeneous milk foam.

The milk froth looks good and tastes good too. I myself am unfortunately not a good foam-maker and that’s why I had some troubles with the foam lance of the Krups’ coffee machine.

The milk is pulled in via a hose and can be taken directly from the milk package or a jug. Of course this requires a little extra space.

There are pros and cons of this external milk paten. Generally I find the foam system relative handy. Consider that it’s rather difficult to clean an integrated milk container.

I always drink my coffees in a porcelain cup, but I understand very well why Krups is using in its marketing photos glass-cups. Because the milk froth at the top of the espresso just looks extremely beautiful. The foam is not only looks really great, but also has a great quality!!!

Preparing Espresso with the Fully Automatic Coffee Machine – Krups EA 8808

In my overview article on coffee machines I have already pointed out that an espresso from the filter holder espresso machine is something different than an espresso from the automatic coffee machine. That’s why I speak of VA-Espresso.

What is the fact that the full-automatic coffee is less fine grounded than I would make it for my filter holder espresso machine. Now there are certainly many who say that the fine grinding degree is obligatory to come to a “real espresso”.

I do not find it very helpful. For me, there are two different types of espresso making, with different methods and results.

Espresso or Ristretto

The smallest adjustable quantity for a simple espresso in the Krups coffee machine is 30 ml. This is really too much for me. That’s why I quickly went over to using the button for a Ristretto if I wanted to have an Espresso.

The Ristretto with 20ml comes closest to an Espresso from the filter holder espresso machine. When I turn two into a cappuccino or another drink with milk, the taste is good when choosing strong espresso beans.

The vocabulary for all coffee machines and their beverage names has to be enjoyed with caution. In this case, the marketing is obviously often against the coffee drinks.

What is a real Cappuccino, a Caffè Latte, an Espresso or even a Ristretto, should be tested and tested again and again.In the end, of course, it does not depend on the name, but whether if the coffee drinks taste as they have to be.