Review and Recommendation

Here I present you Melitta Caffeo CI 970-101, a fully automatic coffee machine which is small and solid. The CI in the name means: “Coffee Intelligence”.

If you want to purchase it, don’t get crazy from the serial numbers of this machine. The differences between the “models” and their numbers are only in the color or whether a milk container is included or not.


The different Models of Melitta Caffeo CI Here I mentioned few of them:

  • Melitta E 970-205 = in black, with stainless steel milk container
  • Melitta E 970-101 = exactly the model I tested bellow
  • Melitta E 970-103 = black, with plastic milk container
  • Melitta E 970-306 = the same as the test model without milk container
  • Melitta E 970-102 = white with milk container of plastic

Here as you see we have different names but basically we have the same main construction.

Here are my experiences with this device. You can read this review and use it for all models listed above. It makes no difference.

Melitta Caffeo CIà Here you can find it online and in a very good price.  And for your information we have it in the office about a year now and we are very satisfied!

I tested Melitta Caffeo CI for a few months, because we use it in the office too and many of my employs use it daily. It’s very easy to use it and prepares an excellent coffee.

The installation of all the personal settings has worked totally fine right away. However, I also have now much more experience and practice with the testing of fully automatic coffee machines.

Bellow you’ll see my overview and also the coffee machine comparison in a second part of this review.

The price-performance ratio of Melitta Caffeo CI is really good!!!

The two coffee bean chambers are very practical. Finally, I can use two espressos at the same time. So far, I haven’t seen coffee device of this price class with this practical function.

Of course the solution is really uncomplicated. Simply a built-in partition! I found here that the two coffee bean container need is really well solved.

The Melitta Caffeo CI is neither particularly loud nor very quiet – just average.

The milk container is made of plastic and quite large. Definitely here everybody can criticize these things depending on your personal taste. Here the advantage over the stainless steel insulated cups is that you can always see exactly how much milk is left over. The milk froth system functions excellently. The milk foam is quickly formed into a fine form.

You can program it very easy and good. I confess that even I had difficulties to program the settings of other more expensive machines I already have. But with this coffee machine it was really easy peasy!!!

The spout is almost 14 cm tall and you can use under it various coffee cup sizes.

The espresso (for the small espresso cup) has to be adjusted because the factory settings are not very good (see below in the test). If this is already done, you can have very good results.

I can clean the machine completely and easily (because of the removable brewing unit) and I do it at least every 2 weeks. This should be also for hygienic reasons as the maximum distance. Unfortunately, always a bit of coffee remains somewhere in the machine fixed. But in Tips bellow I have few solutions for you about this little weakness.

In my experience, I can recommend the Melitta Caffeo CI because is the best you can get in this price category.

Here you can check the prices online.

Benefits of Melitta Caffeo CI

  • Two bean chambers
  • Quite fast coffee preparing
  • For a machine with conical grinding, it grinds quietly
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes milk container
  • Quite small body

Weaknesses of Melitta Caffeo CI

  • Milk container made of plastic
  • Few strange presets
  • Small drip container
  • After cleaning a bit of coffee remains in the machine fixed

Melitta Caffeo CI: Technical Specifications

Category Inputs
Manufacturer Melitta Caffeo CI
Name Caffeo CI
Serial No. E 970-101
Display type LCD text display
Coffee powder
YES – 4 Levels Coffee Powder Quantity
Watter Filter Applicable (Claris)
Brewing Unit Removable
Grinding system Type Conical Grinding System from Stainless Steel with 3 Grinding Levels
Dimensions H x W x D 352 x 255 x 473 mm
Weight 9,6 kg
Warranty 2 Years
Watter Container Removable 1,8 l
Max. Cup
14 cm
Coffee Beans
Bean container with 2 chambers, 135g each
Milk Container
External milk container
Drip Tray Removable
Coffee Drinks Various Coffee drinks can be
programmed and prepared
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltage 220-240 V
Power 140 W
Maximum Pumping
15 Bar


Few Extra Tips
It is – as I mentioned above – super that the whole brewing unit can be taken out to clean the coffee machine. This is also relatively easy and fast, which is rinsed and well …
Unluckily, however, are in the machine some corners where settles coffee. For example, behind the black part in the middle (filter holder) remains a “brown” wonder …
In addition, the transport wheel dirty behind the brewing system and the underlying, unfortunately elegant with my paws hard to reach space.
So use either a thin cloth or cotton pad.

I have also found (it took a bit of time) that you can take out the drip tray almost completely apart, and then the red indicator (the button …) and the area as you can make neat clean underneath. Therefore you have to arrange the covering carefully to avoid breaking off nothing. Then you get the drip tray also totally clean.

Another tip – after the experience of the last few months, where you can find everything old coffee residue in the machine …

That’s why I recommend every time that before purchasing a fully automatic coffee machine you have to ask if the brewing unit can be removed and cleaned. If the answer is No, there is only one way …

Don’t buy it!!

Personally I believe that Melitta Caffeo CI fully automatic Espresso Machine is very good purchase and you can choose one of its types, considering your preferences and priorities.