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Miele CM 6350 is a fully automatic coffee machine and it’s much cheaper than the already tested Miele CM 7500, usually costs just over a thousand euros, but in the processing are almost alike.  Here you can find the current price online www.amazon.co.uk.

This small fully automatic coffee machine from Miele is much more compact than other coffee machines, but its software and functionality look like the top models. After I’ve saw first time Miele CM 6350 at the IFA 2016 (exhibition) in Berlin Europe, I’ve been testing it for two weeks long in my coffee kitchen. It works very fast, which may make it attractive for larger families or smaller companies.

The espresso is easily adjustable and you really get a great latte macchiato or café late at the push of a button. Generally it is a quiet coffee machine, even if it is not as quiet as the Siemens EQ 9. But it is also 2 times more expensive.

The cleaning concept is very well designed. And I want to inform you honestly that it’s the best from all the coffee machines tested so far. Miele CM 7500 has also a very good cleaning concept too. All parts are labeled and it is exactly recognizable, which parts you can put in the dishwasher too. For our luck, the most of the parts can be washed in the wash machine.

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The brewing unit can be removed and cleaned as well. There is no way to use a water filter for the water tank. This means that you have less fixed costs because you don’t have to buy water filters. But you have to decalcify it more often than the other machines using filter.

The best thing about Miele CM 6350 is its great functionalities and its really beautiful design.  Here you can order Miele CM 6350 online at Amazon.

Pros and Cons of Miele CM 6350


  • Very good to clean
  • Well processed
  • Looks great
  • Can be adjusted very well
  • Works quickly and quietly


  • No water filter can be installed

Comparing the Miele Automatic Coffee Machines

Miele has of course as any coffee machine manufacture quite many types, colours and serial numbers.  There are normally two series: The CM 7 models which are quite large and the smaller CM 6 models, like the CM 6350 from this test.

Miele CM6110 The two smaller Miele CM 6 series have no touch display, and not an automatic cup height adjustment. In addition, they are significantly smaller than the CM 7 series.

Miele CM 6310, 6300 and 6350 Here the test is the CM 6350 “Black-Edition”, but this is identical to the other CM 6 series. The CM 6310 and 6300 are the predecessors and do not have the jug function. Miele CM7300 Has almost the entire range of functions of the Miele CM 7500 only without automatic decalcification. Also, the cup heater is not stainless steel. Miele CM 7500 I have tested Miele CM 7500 some time ago and I’ll present my test results in another article here. It’s the flagship of Miele’s stand-alone coffee machines. A nice but quite big unit, fitting more in a large kitchen. Normally I don’t like the most of the white full automatic machines but this is just an exception and it’s very beautiful.

CM 6350 – What colors and versions are available?

Miele CM 6 exists, of course, in many the versions and colors. In this test, we tested the Black Edition completely in black color. Then there is another version in obsidian black, lotus white and graphite gray.  All colors and designs can be seen here online at amazon (links and photos with buttons).

I always find it difficult to speak and write about the colors but all these coffee makers of Miele and the colors they have are really very nice.  You must now decide which is best for you or fit to your kitchen. I find the Black Edition pretty cool, but you can see dust on it very quickly.  Maybe I should clean more often my kitchen J and the black kitchen devices there.

Technical specifications 

Category Data
Manufacturer Miele
Name CM 6350
Milk tube Automatic Cleaning
Dimensions 58.6 x 43.5 x 32.5 cm
OneTouch for Two Coffees
Milk container ✓ Included
Weight 12 Kg
Programmable beverages
Thermoscanner with free voucher
included 2 Kg with free voucher / 250g coffee

The instructions in the user manual of Miele CM 6350 are also well written and very understandable.  You will find detailed information about the settings for the degree of grind and espresso as well as milk froth. It is also important to adjust the water hardness. Only then the CM 6 can correctly calculate when it has to be decalcified. The water hardness can be tested with a test strip or simply online at the waterworks. The higher the water hardness, the more often you have to descale the fully automatic machine.

In the Delivery Carton there is:     Miele CM 6350.    Milk container made of stainless steel.    250 g Coffee Beans Black Edition N ° 1 (Black Edition).    Free Voucher for 2 Kg Coffee Beans Black Edition N ° 1 (Black Edition).    Free Voucher for a thermos can (at the Black Edition).    Free Voucher care set – Here you must however buy the 3 first sets and get the 4th as a “gift”

Comments about the display and the software

The display of this machine is large and powerful. However, it is not a touch screen, which is only available with the CM 7 models.  The operating concept is very good and the coffee machine can be operated very intuitively and flexible. The menu is always a little difficult to describe, but with Miele CM 6350 I have done all the settings without having to look in the manual.  I also like the selection of drinks. Here you can choose the drinks you want too.

It is so that many manufacturers are outdone with the number of drinks that the fully automatic machine can make. I find very important that a coffee machine can make good espresso and good milk froth with hot milk – with these all other beverages such as a Caffè Latte or the popular Latte Macchiato can be easy done and be very tasty too. Like in a good restaurant, a reduced card of coffee drinks is a good sign.

Espresso test and selection

The drinks and espresso quality of Miele CM 6350 is generally great.  The espresso setting is very good configured. Particularly good I believe is the possibility to be able to set a pre-infusion (pre-brewing) for a better extraction. In any case you have such a further possibility to optimize your drink.  Espresso Adaptations:     Coffee powder.    Grinding degree.    Amount of espresso in ml.     Pre-fusion: None / short / long    Brewing temperature in three stages.

These are the ways by which the strength of the coffee or better espresso can be adjusted.  But I haven’t changed them all. I have only set the pre-brewing on long. The degree of fineness finer. I left the temperature as it was. I often raise the amount of coffee powder when I need a stronger coffee.

I used a coffee from Miele, on which I had more information. For this coffee, I also received the official recommendations from Miele: Pre-brewing: Long – Temperature: Medium – Grinding degree: 4th step from the left – Grind: 3rd step from the left.

The setting always depends on the beans!

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