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Very important for some coffee drinks preparation is the milk foam at the top of the coffee. To create a good milk froth we need the right machine which functions manually or automatic.

Generally, the most devices in the market prepares a decent milk foam. There are, of course, different types of froth, so it is important to differentiate them.

I tested many milk foamers and I present you here the results. This article is very long and has a lot of information. That’s why it’s divided in 3 parts as many of my articles here, which I publish not at the same time as an article series.

I have separated the foam machines into 4 categories:

  • Electric (automatic) milk foamer working with induction.
  • Milk foamer, battery operated, like a magic wand.
  • Manual milk foamer, where manual work is required.
  • Milk foamer in the automatic coffee machines – (here, there are again three types of them and I will inform you later in another article about these).

First I would like to present the test winners of every of these 4 categories:

Automatic milk foamer Test winner: Severin SM 3582

Severin milk foamer SM 3582 is the most up-to-date model from this summer. Models like the SM 9684 or SM 9685 have already been on the market for several years. To the older models can be found online too and they have significantly more ratings, but does not mean that they are better.

Here are my test results: Severin milk foamer test

I always test the latest model of every device. The Severin milk foamer works fast and it turns off automatically. Milk quantities up to 250 ml can be foamed at a time. The foam quality is very good. This also explains why Severin has been the market leader for so many years. You will learn more about electric milk foamers here, in another part of this article.

Severin milk foamer SM 3582à

Here you can find it online and in the best price.     

Small battery operated milk foamer with magic wand 

Test winner: ScanPart

In this milk foamers’ category, I like the ScanPart device.  It is simply inexpensive and prepares good milk foam. Honestly, these foamer are not for life. Unfortunately all these devices can be bended, no matter the price class you choose.  I believe that a low cost magic wand for milk foam preparation is the right choice.

ScanPart milk frother  you can find the online and in a very good price. For those who want to spend a little bit more money, an automatic milk foamer should be their choice. Although they need more space, they have a longer life circle and are much more comfortable.

Comparisons and my detailed test on all types of milk foamers can be found here in another part this article.
Manual milk frother  

Test winner: Bodum milk frother

Here with this device we have to work a little bit manually.


A milk foamer with “Barista” quality is the Bodum milk foamer. It’s functioning almost like the Bodum coffee makers. This patent is loved and hated. For the best results, see another part of this review.


Bodum milk frother à you can find it here online and very inexpensive.   This foamer is very popular. You can find my detailed test in another part of this article.

Milk foamer in the automatic coffee machine 

Using the fully automatic coffee machines you have to work with cappuccinatore or with automatic milk foamer manually.

Test winner: Miele CM 6350


You will find more information in my main article about automatic coffee machines. I have chosen here Miele CM 6350 because the foam production functions perfectly and quickly. It is a beautiful device and is quite high-priced. Also find the Miele CM 6350 test report under the automatic coffee machines.  You will also find the most comprehensive tests for all the price categories at coffeenation.co.

Miele CM 6350à you can find it online here and in a very good price.
Which Milk Frother is the right choice for you?

Most people are looking for a milk frother, are searching for an automatic model which works quickly, easily and without waiting to much for the foam preparation. That means they prefer the “classical” electric foamer. With this device the milk is automatically heated to the desired temperature. These are now available from many manufacturers and in various prices.

I believe because of my experience that you should spend more than 60$ to get a decent milk frother. The best foamers of course cost more than 100$. For those who want to spend less, I would rather recommend a magic wand. Of course that means more handwork and experience about the milk heating and when the foam is ready for the espresso.

Automatic Coffee machines and espresso machines are much larger and more expensive.

A good foam maker is the manual milk-frother too. Here you don’t need batteries or electricity. That’s why I find this one really good. In the second part of this article, I ‘ll inform you about the advantages, disadvantages and the operation of all these foam makers types and give you more details of my test results.