Welcome to My Kitchen

In my kitchen there is everything but space. Alone the equipment for the coffee preparation totally filled the shelves and parts of the tables.

I prepare not only coffee but also food. I cook once or twice per day and eat also between the meals no cocked food to take care of my health. I invest a lot of my time in sports and nutrition and my motivation is: a healthy body with a healthy mind.

I have a hobby and try to find out about everything I eat and drink and to know its origin. The partial removal of cooked food from my life makes it much easier.

Of course, when I eat coked food I try, as much I can and when I don’t have business trips or vacations, to prepare it by myself.

How and with which equipment I cook, I would like to show you in “My Kitchen”.In short, I like to cook as a hobby and for my life quality. The same habits have for my coffee. Juicing vegetables and fruits by myself belongs also to my healthy lifestyle.

Water is my life’s elixir and extension

I try to drink a lot of natural water without carbon dioxide. The coffee I drink also contains 98% water. That is why it is also interesting for me to think about which water I drink.

In addition, I believe that natural mineral water makes me full and with this way I can avoid that the unnecessary snacks between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I have a very good water filter (link to Brita Optimax Cool filter and as relevant product in the page bellow the normal Brita filter see photo) in my kitchen. After the filtration the water comes into my boiler (link to boiler Arento Stainless steel boiler—bellow the text put other designer boilers too as relevant product), which always creates with its blue LEDs a little bit of disco atmosphere in the kitchen. The boiler I have is 3 years old but when I decalcified it with pure lemon juice or apple vinegar it looks like new.

I have also a Soda Stream (link to Soda Stream Crystal) to prepare “Bubbly Water” for my guests instead of carrying it from the Supermarket and I use glass bottles with filtered water for the preparation.  The only thing I don’t like is the bottles size. Their capacity is only 0.7l and normally I like bigger bottles.

I make juice very often by myself

The time of juice in the carton boxes is over!

As I do with my coffee I don’t buy juices from the supermarket and I never have them in my shopping list. These ready juices have no more real natural vitamins in them anyway. The only thing in these juices is sugar and food colours.

And because I like to eat a lot of vegetables, cider, ginger, carrots, sweet potato, beetroots, pumpkins etc, I love vegetables juices too. Sometimes I add red chillies them or more ginger to make them stronger and spicy. The chillies and the herbs it my juices are coming fresh from my pots on the kitchen’s window sill.

Few years before, I started with a centrifugal juicer. Meanwhile I only use my Omega Masticating Juicer (link to the juicer). This ensures that all vitamins are preserved and less oxidation can take place in the juice and destroy the natural vitamins.

 Coffee Preparing Accessories

The world of coffee continues to extent and all coffee lovers are very happy.

There are new appliances, assistances and toys to make the perfect coffee or to assist the coffee maker in the preparation of the coffee and its drinks. Many of these accessories are so useful and helpful and I cannot take them out of my kitchen anymore.

My Espresso Machine and Coffee Grinder stand always on the coffee table. In our days the new status and lifestyle symbol is the sieve carrier. But only the sieve carrier alone is not enough! The right accessories to prepare the best coffee ever are obligatory.

French Press

In kitchens, the French Press is one of the classics. It looks good and makes a great coffee with the correct application and dosage. Most have a coffee press from Bodum (link to Bodum press). But just among students in Europe, the IKEA alternative is also popular and cheaper. All those who do not like the coffee from a coffee press, I would like to propose you the French Press (link to SONMICS french press—put also in the relevant products the Homdox French press). Often the French Press fails because of the wrong grinding level of the coffee beans.

Here you can find the French Press online.

The Very Popular Hand Filter

The coffee making with Hand Filter is very beloved. A paper filter is inserted into a porcelain filter and the coffee making process can start. The result of this method is a very clear coffee. I use the hand filter in my kitchen almost every day. No one needs an expensive machine for a good filter coffee. Just the opposite! The hand filter is the King variant of a filter coffee. But, you should deal with manual filtration too, as with any kind of coffee making. I use the Hand Filter from Hario.

Here you can buy a hand filter from Hario online.

My Woodneck

The Woodneck is another type of hand-held filtration and is coming from the Japanese manufacturer Hario. However, a cotton filter is used. The advantage of a fabric filter is its re-usability. When I prepare my coffee with this way I don’t have only a great result, but it’s like I make a time travel into the 20’s.  I use it often in my kitchen. You can see here that the ‘old’ way was not bad, because it saves paper and at the same time you save money and protect the environment. You can find the woodneck here online.

My Espresso Maker

The Espresso Maker, as I explain in my site many times, it’s not a real Espresso making machine but it prepares a decent coffee. Many campers adore this small aluminum pot. I have the Bialetti Coffee Maker (link) but I do not use it very often. Here you can find a Bialetti espresso maker online and in best price.

Hario the Japanese Coffee Equipment  Hario

Is a Japanese manufacturer of coffee equipment.  I use the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pot very often and I write often about it. In the last few years, Hario has become a very successful company through its beautiful design and good functionality in the coffee scene. In many good Cafes, Coffee roasting Shops and Special Coffee online Shops they have and represent the Hario Cold Brew Pot!!!  I have seen the pot for Cold Brew Coffee in different shops with a big price variation from $28 up to $90. I advise you to compare the prices before you purchase it.

My Amazing Espresso Machine (Sieve Carrier)

My espresso machine in my kitchen is a La Pavoni Professional (link), so a hand lever machine. It’s placed near my fully automatic Jura Espresso Machine (link) but even I’ll buy a new dual boiler machine, I‘ll never give it away. But using this machine requires a lot of practice.  You can find the La Pavoni Professional here online and in the best price.

A sieve carrier (links to our blogs or reviews where we have them) and an espresso grinder (links to our blogs or reviews where we have them) are the basic equipment.  But the other accessories are needed too. The right tamper (link to Amazy Tamper it has different diameter sizes 49mm 51mm 58mm or to another equal) must be found. Actually there should be several and you can find them easy and in good price online. It depends on the diameter, the weight and the material. Also for me the question is whether it fits well in the hand and this my choice factor. Even in the very good Espresso machines packages, a very bad quality plastic tamper is included. You also need a tapping container, some cleaning brushes and sieve carriers in different variants (open sieve carriers, with single and double spout). Anyone who publishes his coffee corner in a coffee forum without a Tamping mat is often exposed to the mockery of the community.

Coffee grinders

Of course coffee grinders are one of the most important devices for coffee preparation. Coffee, which is not fresh grounded, is for me no coffee at all. I believe that only one mill is too less for the coffee preparation, because I don’t want to switch often from espresso to filter coffee and vice versa. This continuously switching also means a loss of coffee, because the grinders need time until the grinding level is as you desired and homogeneous.

I have two coffee grinders a Mazzer Mini and a Kitchenaid.  (links to grinders). But I also have a manual handgrinder from Zassenhaus.

If you are interested in coffee grinders, read my article about coffee grinders.


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