In this review today you can see the results of the Siemens automatic coffee machine EQ.6 700 tests.

There is also an EQ.6 300, and I refer the differences after the EQ 6 700 review.

How good is the espresso? How good is the milk froth? Does the coffee machine look good? Do my cups and glasses fit under the spout? And as always a very important question: is the cleaning of Siemens automatic coffee machine EQ6 easy, fast and efficient?

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In this review today you can see the results of the Siemens automatic coffee machine EQ.6 700 tests. There is also an EQ.6 300, and I refer the differences after the EQ 6 700 review.

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Today I tested the Saeco Incanto automatic coffee machine and here are my experiences with this device. You can also find bellow an overview and few comparisons I reported.

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Saeco Moltio à Well rated here in reviews and of course my test winner in the Full Automatic Coffee Machine Area.

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I tested a lot of coffees. I also experimented with coffee preparation. That’s why I'm a sort of your guinea pig for everything about coffee. If you want to order the best coffee or espresso you should not be disappointed.

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So when I test coffee beans, I’m thinking about how they can be best prepared. I also try what else taste with them better. Is it chocolate or a delicious cheese? I test almost everything!!!

I can help you with my recommendations which coffee beans selection you can choose and show you, with which equipment you can prepare the perfect coffee and in which coffee cup to have the best results.

Since 2010, I have been writing coffee reviews and information, reporting my experiences from the world of coffee. On, you can find hundreds of useful information helping you creating your own coffee world.

Actually, I am an electronic engineer with a leadership & economics MBA and a second one in International Marketing and Sales. Also I’m a coffee and gourmet lover. All these help me to test professionally the devices, the coffee beans or whatever is involved in coffee preparation and inform you as best I can. I discovered my passion for coffee more than 16 years ago when I moved for my studies to Zurich Switzerland and bought my first Jura Automatic Coffee Machine. I have many friends which worked during their University Studies as “baristi” and prepared daily coffee for guests and customers. These friend gave me a lot of information and show me many coffee tricks all these years.  For me coffee is always connected with the good quality. This includes not only the product, but also the origin, transparency and fairness of the coffee beans. Taste is of course for me the most important decision criterion. Health is also an important aspect; I am purist and you will find in this site only a little bit sugar and syrup. Because as a woman respecting her health and body shape I write here about sports and nutrition (see also, and of course about enjoyment. If you like these criteria, and you want to enjoy your life with the best tasted coffee, you are in the right place.

I am currently writing a free eBook that helps you preparing the perfect coffee and gives you information on the best coffee machines and the right coffee beans without having to read all these articles here. Everything will be summarized in a digital download, free of charge for you, my readers. When you enter this list, you will receive my eBook free of charge as soon as it is finished.

The industry unfortunately sells a lot of crap. For example “Coffee with sugar” which is also not properly roasted or “Coffee Machines” which don’t function any more after a 6 months usage. Coffee which is actually called “sugar with chemistry” and some kinds of terrible capsules and instant coffee (not all of them).

You will not find these kind of things on this page! My health and the environment are very important to me, and I always try to keep an eye on the ecological balance when I write something about coffee or recipes. Many readers on have the same beliefs.

I would like to answer any questions and am grateful for all your suggestions and tips. Which coffee or espresso should I test for you? Which sieve carrier is the best? Am I now preparing my coffee with the French press, the sieve holder or my automatic espresso machine?

To be honest, in most cases, the hand-filter is used. The “bad” thing is that slowly my kitchen is filled with many Coffee Machines and other Coffee Preparation Devices because of the Tests and sometimes in the morning I cannot decide which Machine I want to use to prepare my coffee or coffee drink.

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