In this review today you can see the results of the Siemens automatic coffee machine EQ.6 700 tests.

There is also an EQ.6 300, and I refer the differences after the EQ 6 700 review.

How good is the espresso? How good is the milk froth? Does the coffee machine look good? Do my cups and glasses fit under the spout? And as always a very important question: is the cleaning of Siemens automatic coffee machine EQ6 easy, fast and efficient?

Siemens EQ 6 700 Here you can find it online and purchase it in the very best price.



Siemens EQ 6 300

15 bar
One at a time
Less stainless steel parts

9.4 kg

EQ 6 700

19 Bar
Two at the same time
High quality stainless steel

9.9 kg

You can also find general information on my “coffee machines” overview page. There I explain, which is to be considered when buying fully automatic espresso machines and recommend some models.

The Siemens EQ 6 700 is also among my recommendations. It’s even the test winner of his price class!

Differences between Siemens EQ 6 300 and EQ 6 700

Comment on the pressure: The specified pressure is very important for the coffee machines, or more precisely, the pumping pressure. Many buyers believe, the higher the pressure, the better. This is right because the espresso preparation needs 9 Bar of pumping pressure on the compact coffee in the pot.

Many fully automatic coffee machines have a higher maximum pumping pressure of 12, 15 or 19 bar. This pressure can be supplied by the pumps. It presses against the coffee, which is pressed automatically in the VA. The pump also presses the water against the coffee.

The height of the actually developing pressure depends on the density and the volume of the coffee and less of the maximum pumping pressure. This means that the maximum pumping pressure is not so crucial. The espresso quality mostly depends on the brewing unit and the built-in grinder.
That’s why I would like to say that it does not matter if a fully automatic coffee machine builds up 15 or 19 bar of pressure.

The EQ 6 300 has a specified pressure of 15 bar and the EQ 6 700 19 bar. I think that is not so important in the purchase decision. I think it is even possible that exactly the same pump is installed in both models and the pressure difference is only a software change (attention: pure speculation).

2 Drinks: perhaps it’s again only an adaptation of the software, but this makes a difference, whether I can prepare one or two latte macchiato at the same time. It is very beautiful to drink your coffee together. The function to prepare two beverages at the same time is only the Siemens EQ 6 automatic coffee machine with the number 700.

The body of the espresso machine: The differences between the 2 models are not many and it’s difficult to see them on the product photos. One important difference is the weight difference. Siemens EQ 6 300 have some parts of its body made of plastic but in metallic design. Siemens EQ 6 700 is actually made of stainless steel and makes a significantly higher quality impression.

Weight: The stainless steel cover weighs more than 0.5 kg. The EQ 6 300 weights 9.4 kg and the EQ 6 700 at 9.9 kg.

Differences and purchase recommendation to the EQ 6 models

In the beginning the two models had a very high price difference about several hundred euros. In the meantime, the prices have adjusted significantly. The difference between the models is now less than 100 €.

You can check the actual prices here online and compare them.

If the price difference is less than a hundred euro, I would definitely buy the model EQ 6 700. I find that only the stainless steel cover material justifies this decision.

As I said, the pump pressure is not a huge argument for me. But if you want to prepare two drinks at the same time, then you have to choose the EQ 6 700.  

Purchasing the Siemens EQ 6

By, this coffee machine has become the test winner of its price class. You can find Siemens EQ 6 700 espresso machine here online and in very good price.

In the following, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

I like the size and optic of this machine. Finally a device that doesn’t look cheap and looks amazing in the kitchen area. There is also the possibility to find and purchase a Siemens insulated milk container as an addition to the Siemens EQ 6 espresso machine. This makes sense for all those who don’t want the milk to be drawn directly from the milk bag or a cup or similar container.

Siemens EQ 6 Technical specifications


Category Data
Manufacturer Siemens
Name EQ 6 Series 700
Measurements 385 x 280 x 479 mm
Watter Container 1,7 l (Removable)
Coffee Bean Container 300g
Grinder Ceramic Mill
Coffee spout 14 cm
Preparing 2 coffees tghesame
Milk Container extra available
Pump pressure 19 Bar
Ground Coffee small container YES
Brewing Croup Removable
Griding ranges Multi-stage
Leistung 1500 Watt
Internationale Bestellbezeichnung TE607503DE
Brühsystem Kolbendruck
Wasserfilter Brita ✓
Gewicht 9,9 kg
Temperaturstufen 3 einstellbar
Länge Netzkabel 1 m
Frequenz 50/60 Hz
Spannung 220-240 V


Siemens EQ 6 700 vs. Bosch VeroAroma 700 

Siemens EQ 6 has a twin brother or sister, the Bosch TES60759DE fully automatic   coffee machine VeroAroma 700. The two devices are exactly the same. Therefore, all spare parts of both devices fit to both. The water filters and the brewing groups. Only the buttons on the Siemens machine have the beverage designs and on the Bosch device are labeled.

At the moment Siemens Espresso machine is low-priced. Also, the design is a little
bit better, but if you find a good deal, is completely no matter what device you’ll
purchase. The EQ 6 300 also has a twin, the Bosch TES60351DE fully automatic
coffee machine VeroAroma 300.

In this case of the fully automatic coffee machines it’s not clear from which
manufacturer which partreated. The one manufacturer uses the pump of the other
and so on.


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